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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Trams are iconic story tellers as they untold interconnecting countless stories from the past, present to the presently soon… Hong Kong Trams or known for their Iconic name Ding Dings is the sound of their braking signalling bell in which given its name.. Brandon Li an adventurer filmmaker pays a tribute to the Hong Kong Tramway engineers whom hand crafted made in Hong Kong with passion and precession whom laying down the foundations of that storytelling in carrying 200,000 passengers averagely per daily..  In which Brandon Li who visited the workshop, inspired by the incredible craftsman- engineers pays a tribute to the Iconic people behind the scenes in creating a story that takes shape like this..

This story takes us on tram number 151 route Sharp Street Depot, in which was the previous site of the tramway depot in relocated to Sai Wan Ho, then a waiting passenger strides in unfolds her story among countless as she journeys into among travelling from east to west side of Hong Kong Island to Tramways route to where you can find dried seafood ingredients on Des Voeux road….   Also watching hearing as she- you also journeys along the trams to watch the stories of life unfolds from the morning till night..

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