#StarTrekOnline | #日內瓦- A Tier six command battle cruiser carrier –#Geneva Class- an overview….


The Geneva Class –Tier Six Command Battle Cruiser Carrier... Is a smaller compact version of the Galaxy class Dreadnought in a way they’re both relative built with heavier warp nacelles with striking lines of being over armoured The design of the Geneva class… is very well balance having dual twin heavy dreadnought like warp nacelles in which give its meaning for business.. The length size of the Geneva Class is rather little longer than the Guardian Cruiser…  Least length of 500 meter longer… is making least than the Vesta class variant length of least 650 meters…  This Starship class does have a punch but can do so much more than the Defiant…

Star Trek Online | 日內瓦 Geneva Class- Geneva Class- Photographer @KevinJamesng

Geneva Class is a Sciences centric with a bit variety of Engineering flavouring, due to the variety of the bridge console seating, giving it with one Lieutenant commander science, also given its one lieutenant Engineering, and one commander Engineering/Command composition… given that one lieutenant Universal station in which can be utilities as science station… in terms with weapons it’s a serious dual cannon torpedoes beam arrays ship.. Also the advantage given is Plus Ten on Weapons and Engine Power so… An Engine to Weapons warp core will increase defensives… also weapons power.. in which to go in get the job done move towards the next task in no messing about..

As part of the unique consoles in which can be interchange with its sister variants only, is the Tachyon Pulse platform in which its use to drain shields…   with may provide useful if you have a Bridge officer whom have that abilities to drain and weaken shields training…  even thou it has three tactical consoles.. The defensive abilities lies in the four consoles of Science and Engineering..  to re-enforce the ships shields and hull plating..  given it’s a carrier vessel, the Geneva Class is a definite replacement for the Galaxy Dreadnought, also the Armitage given with more variety of Bridge consoles,  as to the Vesta..

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