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As of the year 2017 In New York, Cathay Pacific Airways celebrated with an East meet West Connection in which they campaigned throughout during the 2017 year in New York in which they met with fusion in between of both cultures featuring with Pop up Stores that featured with dining experiences around within the East Coast City –New York that campaign provide successful #BoardingPassToAsia .  Featuring various fusions innovative east met west foods dishes that highlight various Asian’s destinations that set the thematic tone of the Pop up Store…  In Collaboration with the Infatuation- The Restaurant App in which help you to locate your restaurant with your favourite foods for the right occasion, in restaurants in between London, and eight cities locations in the United States…

Some of the featured restaurants during the campaign were at Tim Ho Wan in which has its Hong Kong Michelin origins making its way to the New York in bringing Hong Kong to New York City with its innovative Hong Kong Yum Char experiences on June 2017…. As for the following month July it’s Madame Vo-Vietnamese Home Cooking..  following that month August it’s Chomp Chomp – with Singaporean Hawker street like foods that you’ll find in most parts of Hong Kong, China, Singapore, also in South East Asia.. Mr BingBeijing Street Foods on September 2017….. Thai Villa Thai Royal Cuisine on December 2017….

During the events, there were much swag in Cathay Pacific’s #BoardingPassToAsia  loot bags and spot prizes in which some got to win some free trips to exotic adventurous destinations presented by Cathay Pacific Flight Attendants in their iconic red uniforms also with the endevouring team.. , awarding their guest  but with the incredible platters off food that each restaurants brings the accumulation of all people from different asspects of life together it shares from those dishes as they sample that culture in wondering for more in their life well-travelled.……

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