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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the MTR- Hong Kong Corporation shares the same philosophy with the Swire Group… In which having Nature in the environment in the communities in which improving the metal health also well being also caring about the communities also conserving, protecting the environment… in providing that provisionment in working together to protect and conserve the environment …

In having Nature in the surrounding environment in the communities whether it’s in urban, suburban to rural areas in which looking at green plants its good for the body and our mind in which improving the mental health and well-being of the person-or passengers as they journey daily in which whatever their mode of commuting… Orthough Hong Kong is a City is like the inorganic concrete glass canyon surrounding by a lusting’s of surrounding tropical forest… also it’s important to save the iconic trees that within the urban towering canyons of  buildings like the more than one century old Kennedy town- Forbes Street’s Hakka retaining wall in  with the Banyan Trees that provide a organic growing art that once started with some Banyan seeds that feel into the cracks that once transported by the birds  inside the walls then grown to what we see today nature intertwining with the stone walls like a slow Chinese painting with the passage of time.. In order to conservative the protection of the Banyan tree Hakka walls the original Kennedy Town MTR Station was relocated that first plan in which the Railway alignment was changed.. in which was the recently cased with the Sha tin to Central line in which the Railway linkage was change to go around a major newly founded historically Village Well that connects to the final resting place of the last two Song Dynasty ( year 960 to 1279) Emperors whom was pursued by the Mongolian Empire towards Hong Kong.. In which that’s explain the cursed Song Dynasty General Sword in Cheung Chau in Yuk Hui- Pak Tai Temple..

Urban Development and tree protectionism an co-exist in a collaborative relationship as long we take the extra steps involve to work in a harmonious relationship between man and nature.. along the MTR Hong Kong network over 33,000 trees along the open sections of the network was given their very own Tree ID Cards, to monitor their health annually in which in reduces the required need to collapse or removal…….

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