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As phase one of CNSA – China National Space Administration Space Station draws near completion in within two years’ time in 2022… in which preparations are under way before in getting the CNSA also China National Heroes – Taikonauts to manned the Space Station as it continues to grow with oncoming modules to be added on..

China National Space Admistraton first two only Taikonauts started out in 1972 in when their program in getting two Taikonauts in preparation to do its first orbital flight around earth towards that the programme was succeeding but it meet the unfortunate incident of the first Taikonauts.. Taikonauts are viewed as National Heroes or sages, from the first generation then came the modern generation the Shenzhou Taikonauts in which the name of the Command module that they travel on meaning Divine Craft ….

As preparations are underway, in preparing to manned the CNSA-Space Station with constant training preparations processes in which one is the Neutral Buoyancy LAD Training in which helps to simulate physical micro gravity situations in getting various operations in outside experiments or station maintenance of the live scale replication prop of the real module..

In which during the process there are physical testing of endurance in which the simulated training of lifting off also descending… with the vibration testing also the landing impact training among other training leads towards lifesaving training of how to survive in the outdoors of land and sea.. as the training takes fold, the there’s even more of larger picture in which having a manned mission on the Space Station leads to short haul journeys to the moon also To the Planet Mars also beyond the solar system in creating small steps of learnt experiences.. Then translating those learnt experiences to the younger next generations

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