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As in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong , Hong Kong is one of the most leading communities connected cities in the world with its world leading, leaders in the MTR multi-transit systems with its advance underground passenger MTR Transportation system linking to various nodes of the of Island also New Territories of Hong Kong.. As connecting Communities, that means also connecting communities cultures also food cultures on so many levels also towards the rest of China also the Belt and Road Countries..

As previously MTR Hong Kong’s Food Challenge it was done in Gothenburg- Sweden largest city in which MTR Hong Kong also operates own the MTR Express line in which MTR Hong Kong XRL’s poster girl TVB presenter-Actor- Singer Jacqueline Wong’s Sister Scarlett Wong and Yi Hing Ong also Tilde Froling  with Keric…… In which this case Kelly Chan- Miss International Hong Kong 2016, Host the challenge for United kingdom London adventuring Vlogger Jamie Laing as they sample first for breakfast in which Jamie Laing just arrived without breakfast meeting up together in Hong Kong Central in which for today both are going to eat forty dishes in a day..

As they travel around, they travel in MTR Hong Kong in which travels more than least than six million- or averagely 5.6 million passengers per daily throughout ninety three stations with more to come in the upcoming years, in which that’s more than sixty percent of London’s population.. As they travel in between stations the MTR Hong Kong Trains comes on time with 99.9 punctuality.. Also ready to help station assistants to help where you’re needed to go… In which the MTR Hong Kong also operates the TFL in London which is known as the MTR CrossRail- in which also operates a majority of MTR London lines…

As they start of in Hong Kong Station, starting off in a Michelin Star restaurant, in which you can come in very casual street wear in which Jamie discovered through Kelly…. Starting off in Tim Ho Wan, where the first foods challenge, then to Tsim Sha Tsui Station where “you ready to So-Guy” meaning street food or sweeping up street food into Feng Ji Egg Waffle… Sampling egg waffles, also peanut waffle… Then Lettuce with fish then with Siu Mai ….. As they adventure the MTR comes with free WiFi also great internet services reception…  In which they food sampling continuing from Mong Kok East Station to Kowloon Station to where most of the street eateries locate in Mong Kok adventuring also in Admiralty…

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