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On November 2017 is Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, is MTR Hong Kong Volunteering Month in which is main goal is reaching out to more time community in which the MTR Hong Kong supports its Communities that it transits in its journeys.  As you can see the local communities art works that’s heavily present in the numerous stations in which creates a storylines on so many levels of the community station it which started on November 2017…. in More time Reaching Community Scheme..

As one partaking projects programmes of that community it supports it’s, during Volunteering month in which they have various activities over the course of four consecutive weekends with the participation of one hundred colleagues with in with MTR Volunteers team Member to contribute towards invaluable time to assist the disadvantage people  in the communities with hard working enthusiasm and diligence’s with that sharing there invaluable time in the community they were awarded as outstanding  volunteers  Hong Kong teams, awarding by the Agency for Volunteer Services.. a Non-profit organisation  that’s fund by the Hong Kong –SAR government..

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