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” 水”

Orthough in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong,  MTR Hong Kong Corporation  is the world leaders in Metro transportation systems also into facility it’s constructions systems also its related services in retail malls management… As part of its company’s eco system it’s also concern for its environment that’s the train systems works also its retail malls operates around in…

As part of the many concern elements is the management of secondary or tertiary used of water… In which in conservation of water in which like can be reprocess in same reprocess like how NASA’s International Space Station reprocess- recycling waste water healthy wise in which can be drinkable..

Water makes up two thirds of the body mass also it important towards our daily lives…. Also the consumption of primary water usage in Hong Kong is Staggering volume for a least eight million in population in which averagely of one hundred and thirty liters person per day, in which partaking averagely ten liters of water…   transitioning from primary to secondary used from showers, bathing, sinks, kitchen and laundry used in form of Grey Water secondary water it is reprocessed, filtered water into other usage of gardening, outdooring cleaning.. In which the recycling water has become majority increasing internationally recognized important towards to keeping the environment clean in both in Public and Private sectors in Hong Kong.. In which the MTR Hong Kong use re purposed-recycled water for clean its’ Trains in its depots also in toilets in all of its MTR networks stations ….

As partaking responsibilities of water Conservation in Hong Kong one example is the apartment complex in which has a grey water recycling facilities has it installed at The Capitol, Le Prestige, also at LOHAS Park… in which collectively treats up 440,000 liters per day recycled also recycling of wastewater back into usage of public outdoor cleaning and landscaping..  In which can be used to minimized the risk of having using primary water from the DongJiang River Basin in which Hong Kong uses least eighty percent of its water for the population to use..

Given that you live in a Suburban environment with a good guttering system it’s also best that you can collect the rain water and re purpose the water into use for landscaping also outdoors cleaning also it also helps to minimized  that monthly water bill too..

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