@CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 | #CathayPacific #ChristmasMakers 2017 – Rewarding whom worked behind the scenes humblingly ..


Cathay Pacific is rewarding unsung heroes, Christmas Makers whom worked so hard throughout the years humblingly in behind the scenes in which you least expected throughout the years in Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong…. As Cathay Pacific Curates the humbling stories…..

In which those Humbling Stories, one of many like of  Hong Kong lighting designer Mister Terence Wong – Owner of a decorative lighting Company,  whom creates artfully in using decorative lighting to paint the night, illuminating city’s landscape in which crafting those lights in messages also .. Creating those decorative lights is not an easy task, but challenging as he remembers the 1997 Hong Kong Handover back to mainland China where lighting installations were a bit different back then in installing lights with a hammer, tighten the installations with hands.. Terence Wong works throughout the holidays where its Christmas it’s working ordinary day as he can’t leave work, that means Terence can’t leave Hong Kong has he self-employed  with a company of others that’s dependent on him..

Also a waitress- Juan who’s delicate to her work in being responsible of delivery and serving dishes to awaited customers as during Christmas time whenever she sees a customer whom dressed up as Santa Claus for the festive season she’s feels so overjoyed, happy.. They work hard without nothing to complain about that hard work does pay off surprisingly humbling as the guest are happy she’s happy also

Another part of sets of untold unsung stories is a younger sister, house maid whom worked in faster paced life Hong Kong for four years, in which she also takes care of her elders sister children in helping her out.. .. Working all the time she very seldom travel or…as she travels she wants to travels with her family of four together  as she wanting to be home soon to see her son in which when her son see her they’re overcome with reunion joy..

Cathay Pacific invites you nominate whom deservingly someone whom deserves hardworking humblingly in rewarding them giving free tickets to Christmas Makers on Cathay Pacific Social media page on Facebook…..     

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