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Currently In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong – there’s numerous major infrastructure projects going on currently in future proofing Hong Kong, one is the continuous public transportation world leader MTR Hong Kong Corporation- construction… that construction is the Shatin to Central Link Project is the cross Harbour tunnel of Victoria harbour in which will be operational ready by year 2021 least..

As part of the construction process is the immersed tube technique that’s developed for the Cross Victoria the fourth in which the first three is in between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island  in which between the Central to Tusen Wan also from Hong Kong –Central to Tung Chung Line.. The Third is in between the north Point to Yau Tong connection… In which the fourth is Hung Hum towards the Admiralty in which connects to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition center… in which journey time is least than five minutes.. in which currently the line is eighty percent complete with phase one..

In construction of the Victoria Harbour Tunnel that runs inbetween Hung Hum also Admiralty is five steps in in the immersed Tube Tunnel Construction, in which starts out in fabrication yards in former Shek O Quarry in which has been transformed into the Tunnel  construction yard of pre-cut Tunnels units are prefabricated in Shek O….. Each of the eleven unit’s pre cased measuring in 160 meters with each of twenty three thousand tonnes…  Once final constructed the Dam in which they are constructed in is floated in making its way towards the Victoria Harbour dredging site… As the fabrication site is flood to allow the transportation of the eleven units with fleet of tug boats towards its destination construction site in which the Victoria Harbour’s seabed is previously prepared as the tunnels make way around the Hong Kong Island towards temporary mooring site in which is located in Tseung Kwan O making it’s Temporary seven point five Nautical Miles.. In which each unit have Surveying towers with integrated floating Platoons in which the eleven units are connected together with the reinforced structural protection to securing the tunnel in which they placed with at least than five centimeters deviation with precision ….

The Shatin to Central linkage to Hong Kong..  Does comes with environmental Geographical constraints, as it transported through typhoon shelters in Causeway bay with careful planning and execution is required it is carefully constructed..

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