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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong – there’s numerous major infrastructure projects going on currently in future proofing Hong Kong, one is the continuous public transportation world leader MTR Hong Kong construction…. In which one MTR Lines is in between Shatin to Central linkage project in linking the upper Eastern parts of New Territories- Hong Kong in which currently sits at eighty percent complete in expected to be running by mid-2019 …. Even though Hong Kong is known for its iconic megatroplis towering skyline towers landscape also Hong Kong below is massive network of underground tunneling of connecting integrated labyrinth mazes in which connects the city region to transport millions of commuters around dense city skyscrapers, while under the that skyscraper city is there are many people working hard to make the city greater..

Under those skylines of skyscrapers is a massive Shatin to Central linkage in progress to near completion is an underground maze in which is undergoing a round the clock construction…  in which the Shatin to Central link is consisting in two parts… In which part one runs between Tai Wan and Hung Hom…  Part two runs in between Hung Hom to Admiralty in which links to the Hong Kong  Convention and Exhibition center’s substation in Wan Chai then onwards to Admiralty,,,,

Some of the linkage section components tunneling construction is utilizing the Tunneling Boring Method in which MTR Hong Kong has been world leaders in innovating new technologies in engineering transport transportation to commercial also residential designs , construction, management  in which the innovative Boring tunneling works gives it innovative advantages, with an intensive massive  vertical shaft   is constructed excavation of launching shaft and retrieval shaft with carefully crafted with military grade like GPS precision facilities with way points to connect to it targeting site in which the boring tunneling journey starts at Fenwick Pier Street ……once the excavation/ retrieval site is constructed with Boring tunneling machine in together like assembly of a massive unit  in which measuring at one hundred meters in lengthy with weight of six hundred tonnes with tunneling diameter of seven point for meters it begins to boring into its target path  excavating and assembly it tunneling walls at the same time instantly fabricating the tunnel lining helps to reinforce the tunnel structure also minimizing impacts of surround buildings..

During the boring process it removes the debris through a sealed conduit in which it boring tunnels through many highly dense neighbourhoods   from To Kwa Wan Station negotiating around also facing and overcoming oncoming complications as construction process begins on main roads also public facilities also overcoming a ever complex geological structure of Hong Kong in which with constant monitoring of soil conditions. …. During the process it helps to minimizing the impact of the communities through the control lessening of sound pollution, also dust…  during the construction there will be five more stations along the Shatin to central in which from Hin Keng, Kai Tak, Sung Wong, To Kwa Wan towards the Hong Kong Exhibition Center .. In which connecting west to east Hong Kong New Territories which passengers can travel more conveniently from Shatin towards western rail line finally connecting at Tuen Mun ….

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