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On eleventh to thirteenth of July 2017 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, in the  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in collaboration is MEHK – Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong holding  Asia’s largest Start up and innovative technology event returning back to Hong Kong is RISE in which in convention is setup in hosting the largest gathering of people in sharing their start up experiences and stories in from the largest companies, as known startups from people within and outside the industries in a three day event of networking with various numerous asspects from media, investors also attendees..

This years of 2017, the event has attracted more than twenty thousand attendees from over one hundred countries in which sixteen percent increase than to the year 2016 RISE three day event.. in which was setup by the people from Web Summit in which is Europe version of the largest technology and start up conference, in which RISE  over a three day event in Hong Kong has more than three hundred speakers with more seven hundred media journalist from all forms of media.. in which during the three day events there’s been major successes in numerous startups been funded, awarded, also some with some lessons learn of going to the next leveling ascertaining newly acquired skill sets….

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