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During the month of October 2017 in Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, is the Ngong Ping 360 Martial Arts festival, in which is currently on right now from 1st to 31st October 2017, located in Lantau Island, in where is Hong Kong Disneyland is also situated also with the Big Buddha is .. During various session in which the iconic Shaolin Monks demonstration sessions run in between Martial Art performances in between times in Hong Kong Time 1245, 1430, 1600 daily with a fifteen minute session in the Ngong Ping Square, with demonstrations with Strength-Kung Fu moves with iconic degrees of martial Art skill sets with various types of weapons….

As with the Shaolin Martial Arts Workshop… from Monday to Friday at Hong Kong Time 1500 hours, in fifteen minutes sessions in the village square, is the workshop in which the Monks will teach you a few martial arts skillsets that’ll get you by as for the weekend also the public holidays it’s in between 1315 also 1500 hours..

The legendary Iconic Shaolin monks in which originated in from the Shaolin monastery, known as a Chan Buddhist Temple in Dengfeng county in Henan Province in PROC China… in which  the monastery dates back to the times of construction founding of in between of years  477 to  497 AD.. in which dates back to almost the same period of the Goose Temple in China’s Tang Dynasty Capital Xian.. in which is nearby Daming Palace in which is one hundred times larger than the current forbidden city imperial palace  area size..

Dating back historically 1500 years ago, founded by its founding Fang Lu Hoa… in which accredited to the martial arts component to the temple is the Bodhidharma,  with its Pagoda forest in which are memorials to the previous monks whom previously residing  there .. Among that historical contexts It has face my trials during the previous dynasty to till today. But those trials leading to be an always rebuilding itself ever strong…


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