#DJI #MADEINCHINA #SHENZHEN | 中國製造 |#NewYork – USS Intrepid Exhibit – is the Sky the limit…?


Currently in Charlotte York’s Sex in the City, in New York there’s an interesting exhibit that’s currently running from 10th May to 3rd December 2017 at the USS Intrepid Museum, in which housing the Iconic test bed NASA’s Space Shuttle OV 101- Orbital Vehicle- Enterprise….  In which was named after Star Trek’s Constitution Class Starship USS Enterprise

Within the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum, that is currently underway is the “Drones- is the Sky the limit?” in which exhibiting showcasing an intensive exhibits of the nostalgic artifacts of model aircraft with historical rare footage in different various media of displaying  unmanned flying machines towards its evolutionary innovative development in between from  amateurs to start-ups in such as the number one leading Drone marker start-up, that was developed, manufactured and Made in China, start up in one of many China’s Mega startups Industrial technologies Regional Cities in Shenzhen, like its sister city in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.. is DJI  in which they also be showcasing there products on how in inspiring new generation, also the previous aswell to innovating engineered and creative, start-ups,  to take the next UAV technologies to the next exponential level. In application usage agriculture, public safety, science applications, in many different levels layers of arts in film making, photography..

As part of the exhibit, DJI, there’s an educational component in teaching young children from inner city schools of teaching the physics, science of flight, also the lecturing talks of drones.. In development aerospace designs, also programming and the coding that goes integrated into it the development of drones also in aviation…

As part of exhibition, featuring Lady Gaga- Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta,’s flying dress The Volantis, also Studio XO the prototype that catering for Amazon drone delivery service that’s due to roll out soon for personalised online shopping delivery.. In which this exhibits explores the usage of drone technologies in adaptiveness, from flying cars to space explorations

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