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Currently FAST- Five hundred Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope – is undergoing currently with some impressive operational testing trails at the moment in which will become fully operational in which only one year ago it was only finishing construction, during that process the crew at FAST is undergoing some debugging process in which takes least that three years till it becomes fully operational of the 500 meters diameter radio telescope dish..  in which Tiayan is which the dish is named as Heavenly Eye….

During the debugging  duration, FAST gained amazing exponential growth in collecting data of the night skies, in which amazing surprising results as the crew analysed located in the South west of China Guizhou Province … in which the government set up some protocols around the area with a five Kilometer Man made radio quiet zone around   FAST environment in which is ten times more sensitive than Arecibo Telescope…. In which one part of the many protocols is that you can’t use your Smart phones or unauthorized communication devices when you within the quiet zone as it interferes with the initial operation…

Developed by the Chinese National Astronomical  Observatory is founder Nan Redong , FAST was conceive during 1994 in which that progression  towards getting completed in construction during the September 2016, in which taking only five years to build from its construction  year of 2011 in  the Dawodang Depression in the PingTang County , Guzhou Province  of China’s South west.. Of the operational construction cost 180 USD million Radio Telescopes, in which along with it’s also a major tourist attraction in which also develop into in educating the public into astrophysics, astronomy, also various sciences with exhibits, also various seminars

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