#iPhonePhotography | 春天 – 土星- Spring #Saturn #Cassini – 16th September 2017- in a Auckland’s starry night….


On a soon to be cloudy night on the that follows from 16th September 2017 Auckland –New Zealand, also on that previous only a half a day ago it was it was the final moments of the Cassini probe that ended its mission re-entry of the Gaseous planet Saturn, as it’s Isotopic Generator runs out of fuel of its final half-life, in which that generator provides the primary power supply to the rest of the probe.. in which its journey started very late last century 1997, the year that Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong was hand back to China in that year in becoming a Special Administrative Region..

As Cassini journey, adventured within twenty years since it journey the long way round with travelling in using gravitational assistance, hopping from planetary bodies, in slingshot way carefully planned with mathematically teamwork timely precession manner..

As I arrived from finishing work, at the observatory, arriving home I geared loaded up NASA-JPL’s eyes on the solar system application.. in which, also I loaded up NASA-JPL’s live stream for the first time in Cassini’s control room in 360 live stream with various layers of commentaries during the live stream in which shown Cassini’s final journey as it still continuous broadcasting live stream also working at the same time of still streaming its collecting data along the way, in which till its final moments…

As I filming Saturn’s live-ish only averagely one hour also averagely one billion kilometres ago footage the night after, seeing the various divisions of Saturn’s rings that inspired the name Cassini whom discovered the rings of Saturn, in which the name was symbolic motion to name the deep space probe.. As you can see the different layers hues brown and metallic greys within the divisions of the rings of rocks and ice in various assortments of sizes… In that major separation between two rings is 4,800 Kilometers wide.

Among that night, the Largest planet Jupiter currently in the bodice of the Constellation Virgo, retired earlier in the night, as to the Saturn in which in between the Constellations of Sagittarius also Scorpio.. In which bringing in spring sort off warmly still cold…

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