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On a 5th September 2017- Tuesday on a soon to be in cloudy thunderstorm next day in Auckland New Zealand…. In which the on that night the moon was nearly almost a full moon with a Waxing Gibbous of ninety nine percent, in which on today it’s Wednesday cloudy with an early morning lightning –thunderstorm that thundered over the Manukau Harbour..

As it was clouding over, there were some interesting small pockets of windows of observations as seeing the one percent of the terminator that veiling the moon, in which most of the distinctive details are washing with the abundances of light, even though with the full moon there’s a slight terminator edging on the circumference of the moon…

The crowd that Tuesday night at the Auckland Observatory-Stardome got to see the nearly full moon along with Wintery Spring Planet still following the constellation Scorpio with a small opening in between the clouds… as to with the the Planet Jupiter in the bodice of the constellation Virgo falls earlier in the night.

As the clouds came blanketing through like in a Gothic silent movie scene, some through misty layers in creating an organic light filter to slightly reduced the light intensity without an aid of an actual moon filter, in which sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn’t… among with the filtered moonlight you could see the interesting details of the mares or larger seas..

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