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On 25th August 2017Auckland New Zealand, in which was a very mild surprising clear night sky in which you could view straight at the heart of the Home Galaxy – The Milky Way which sits in between the Constellation tail of Scorpio also the body of the Archer Centaur Sagittarius….  In which that night you can see the heart of the Milky Way, in which you could see the pave set array of diamond starry night in which resemble the back of an elegant evening dress trail with embroidered diamantes…….

During that night, slightly frosty cold, but favourable mildlying towards the spring in the upcoming few weeks in which settling down earlier is The Gaseous Planet Jupiter situated in the Bodice of the Constellation Virgo the Virgin… In which accompanying that space is the Moon Luna, in crescent in which was previously was transiting with the solar eclipse across from the top corner of the West Coast to lower corner of the United States.. in which was shared on so many levels on Socials…

As Jupiter settled earlier, The Galilean moons was presently orbiting was coming around in from transiting to occultation behind was the moons Io, Europa, in which is relativity quite very cute when you progressive watch throughout the whole night as four main Jupiter Galilean moons Io, Europa, Castillo also Ganymede.. Comes around from Occultation behind towards Transiting with multiple eclipses on the Jupiter Atmosphere… in which with a larger magnification you could see the Jupiter’s moon shadow trailing with eclipses…

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