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On a frosty mild remarkable clear night on 24th August 2017 Auckland, New Zealand, the Planet Jupiter is settling down early progressively as each week edges towards further into spring into September into the summery season.. in which the only Gaseous planet that’s still promenade in the night sky is the Planet Saturn in which sits in between the constellation below Scorpio also the Sagittarius….  As the August progresses into September, the moon relatively has moved into New moon in which there was a Solar Eclipse that transiting from the top of West Coast of the United States towards the Lower corner of the East Coast, Florida.. in which reoccurred every hundred years..

In which that Solar Eclipse, transiting was seen, on many levels, one on many socials, also as seen from the International Space Station, watching the moon’s umbra transiting, shadowing its path across the United States.. Along with other various live stream ways of watching the Solar Eclipse, but the important thing though is don’t look through the telescope at the sun, you’ll go permanently blind with your eyes naked… Without a strong filters that’s covering up the telescope, like an alpha or a metal glass solar filter…

One of many interesting things that night is the Cassini rings in which, through a large mirror telescope is the various divisions of layers or rings of various sizes of rocks and ice with different hues of greys and tan sandy tanned browns that’s forms the ballerinas tutu skirt that dances around the gaseous planet Saturn when you look from This Planet Earth at an average of one hour ago at an average of one billion kilometers…..

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