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“……….心穎帶你穿梭時空體驗高鐵 – Jacqueline Wong takes you through time to experience the Express Rail Link journey……..”

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, is the finalization construction of the MTR High Velocity Express Rail link between Hong Kong toward travelling into mainland in a very cost effective time…  in which is targeted to be readily to officially operational competition on the third quarter of 2018 by the MTR corporation also it’s the most As one of many the largest anticipate transportation projects that that is underway that draws completion..

Featuring Hong Kong’s TVB Actress and Presenter Jacqueline Wong, in which she takes you into an introductionally journey in-between to and back to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.. on the Hong Kong MTR ‘s Express Rail Link Journey that will Take you least than 48 minutes than the traditional three to four hours journey time by traditional trains with comfort and conveniences …

In which she introduces a premise between two guys whom works for the same company, Kim and Ching both residing in Guangzhou, Canton Province Capital City… As they both wake up, and preparing, getting ready for work.. Kim is stretching taking his time, while Ching is getting on a train in the present current traditional way at Lou Wu as Ching is transiting at Lo Wu Station …. Kim is leaving for the Express Rail Link…… Then Ching is taking the next train to Guangzhou to Shenzhen….. Kim boards the Train at West Kowloon Station with a comfortable ride in which takes him directly south Guangzhou toward Hong Kong for work … in which the XRL between Hong Kong Guangzhou is a small partake of what’s to come in travelling fast in least amount of time throughout China comfort with convenient for work or adventuring…….

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