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As part of the twenty anniversary of Hong Kong as a Special Administration Region… there’s an exhibition that’s running in between 20th June to 30th November 2017 in which is Infinitely Hong Kong – Impression … in which is run by the City Gallery  sits in 3 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong (Next to City Hall Lower Block).. In which this stand up outdoor stand up Mobius strip infinity structure based on the infinity symbol has seen from above in which creates an introductionally Art structure arc way for an internal exhibition works that’s within the City Gallery in which sit at Central explaining a brief of what’s in store inside the Hong Kong Impression ….. Previously been inside the City Gallery its very welcoming pleasantly with innovative exhibitions and works..

Within the City Gallery, in which sits in central next to City Hall, showcases many elements of evolution and developments life of Hong Kong in covering three floors of the whole Gallery. In which the first floor exhibits the Annex History and uniqueness of Hong Kong showing Hong Kong next Century, it’s living environment as to protecting is unique heritage… apond the second floor it showcases elements of strategic picture, infrastructure also its sustainability with its Transportation and communications with multi- social media sharing elements… as with the third floor it has exhibition works of how Hong Kong is the world leaders in land reclamation with the leading  innovation techniques that they used … among with this hall is the future planning of Hong Kong towards the next few centuries….  As well there’s planning it comes with consultation process in learning of the development of the Coastlines and Skylines,  in which the three floors covers a permanent exhibition..

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