#Arianespace | Flight #VV10 – OptSat-3000 and Venµs- Two Payloads within one #VEGA Rocket launcher- Launch Profile ……


On Tuesday, 1st August 2017 from the Arianespace will launch two communications satellites within on payload carrier rocket in which that will be the Vega Flight VV10…..from its European Space Agency- French Guainía launch Complex….. Both Payloads are delicate to Earth Sciences in which are Earth Observatories Satellites for the Italy, France and Israel..  This Launch is the 10th Vega Launch that its first time launch of the Vega Carrier Rocket dates back to 2012, Guiana Space Center both payloads will be Launched in satellite passengers into two Sun-synchronous orbits (SSO)………

OptSat-3000  is OHB Italia, Israel Ministry of Science and Technology, the OptSat- 3000 is an Earth Observatory for the Italian  Ministry of Defense in which will provide the provisions of utilization of ultra-high resolution imagining of using radar and combination of high end optical installation equipment to study the Earth with analytically abilities..  The Satellite will be placed at satellite passengers into two Sun-synchronous orbits (SSO) at altitude of 450 Kilometres with a operations life of seven years..

Venµs is a elespazio, Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI) , is also design as an Earth Observation Platform satellite in Sun-synchronous orbits (SSO) at 720 Kilometres in Altitude  with an operation life of 4.5 years servicing..  its operationally provisionment is a collaboration of  Israel Space Agency (ISA) also French CNES space agency (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales).  Its provision is the Data observation collection of worldwide study of evolution of vegetation for environmental purposes in which will data observations collection, every day covering 760 square kilometers in which are utilized by multi spectra instruments also with that heavy amount of instruments it’ll detect any amount of data observation that’s not visible to human eyes..

Liftoff is scheduled for Tuesday, August 1, 2017, at exactly:

– 09:58:33 p.m., Washington, D.C. time
– 10:58:33 p.m., local time in French Guiana
– 01:58:33, Universal Time (UTC), on August 2
– 03:58:33 a.m., Paris and Rome time, on August 2
– 04:58:33 a.m., Tel Aviv, time, on August 2

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