Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

“……A song created by recording the sounds of travel……..”

There’s Something Innovative with Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong’s National Regional Airline Carrier with Cathy Pacific also Dragon Air...  In which they created some innovated sounds in which is taken through the seamless travel sound bites of travelling on  a journey with thousands audio timeless moments components then assembling those sound audio moments in a harmonies bend of cool fresh melodies with groovy rhymes….

Why a sounds of travelling on a Journeys, Sounds is one of many elements of travelling of unfolding a stories before we see them, visually , Sound is the emotionally visually senses of feeling in remembering those emotions senses as we travel through adventures and time..

The emotionally visually Journey Takes place through as the passenger travels with in-between Hong Kong and its adventuring atmosphere… Transcending to Kyoto’s emotions. As the passenger’s crew take those thousands of emotions mixing in emotion visually into poetry Sound well Travel also matters in travel. ..



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