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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, there’s an oncoming event in which held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center  between Fourth to Eighth  of August 2017,  that event is called The Ink Global 2017 , in which housing  featuring five hundred of the world’s ink paintings masterpieces  collection of known local to international artist.. in which during that time there’s going to be interactive Multi Media events zone with guide tours throughout the exhibition..  The aim of the exhibition is to get the audiences to gain a appreciation of Ink art…   the Founders organizer of the events is host by The Young Artists Development Foundation also co –organizer it the Wan Fung Art Gallery in which is the ten most rated Galleries in China…..

The event is held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Hall 3B-E, which runs in between third to eight of August 2017.. located at 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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