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Something that I Already Knew in Hong Kong previously but whom would be that 13th– The Female Doctor… As previously there was a build-up of whom would replace Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor in which we’ll see in the Doctor who -Christmas Special 2017 in which the Thirteenth Doctor is going to be a Female Doctor, that is Jodie Whittaker ( Broadchurch) in which was formally introduced after the men’s Wimbledon 2017 final match..  As in the previous teaser introduction throughout the world the number 13-thirteen was placed…

As the introduction of thirteenth Doctor, it gives Chris Chinball- Steven Moffat successor (Doctor who, Broadchurch) an outlook into a different premise elements of the Doctor what is life as female Doctor, female time lord also life as a female Galiferyain also a strong independent intellectual woman whom human looks in her younger 30’s but with a life experiences of more than five billion years through time and space….in bringing into a different perspective into the role of her Doctor.. like the previous actors whom brought into making it into theirs….

Also it’s been quite some time now since that there been progressive  testing writing experimental elements introductions of a female Doctor has been procured, since the introduction of when Clara Oswald- Jenna Coleman came into the premise in becoming a pair of Hybrid her and the Doctor.. As seeing more of the Female Doctor fleshing out progressively into her story as Clara and Me- Maisie Williams Travelling in time and space into a faulty factory made stuck Chameleon Circuit Type 40 TARDIS like the Doctor’s faulty stuck into a Diner with an interesting “Douglas Adams Hitch hikers guide to the universe – The Restaurant at the end of the universe”  also the introduction of Missy in which is the final generation of the Master in which it’s also the end of the Master storyline as he shot him-herself in the back resulting in their deaths conculsionally in “ The Doctor Falls” also there’s been past female time lords in the past as Rani in which was at that was in the past .. Also apart given there’s a Galiferyain scene in which shows other female time lords…… as the last two series of Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor givens an introduction of progressively storyline of the female Doctor..


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