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As currently today, as I’m keyboarding writing up also uploading ..  it’s been mostly rainy today in Auckland with polar winds with freezing wintery polar conditions for the week in which South Island of New Zealand currently with massive snow coverage, in which is today it’s been mostly cloudy raining today…. Orthough the wintery nights makes looking also photography the night sky makes the images silky sharp…

Last night in which was later in the in the night there was modest small opening in between the raining polar blasting clouds that’s yet to come…. As the polar weather was onset to come it also it’s the process of the phases of the moon as it now tending towards the new moon in which the Moon started to terminator veiling with the earth shadow on the other side of the Moon… as the moon tends towards the new moon the moon raises later….   As you look closer at the moon Luna silky satin cratered lacy wedding dress in a waning gibbous you can see the moon in a different perspective than the waxing Gibbous the story is different as it already told you about the Jade Rabbit- sea of Tranquility also Serenity but it’s telling her story the Jade Maiden’s story where most of the larger Mare’s or seas are..

In view of last night it was modestly great, the crowds get to view the two gaseous planets one summery autumn the planet Jupiter in the bodice of the constellation Virgo the virgin , also the wintery planet Saturn in the constellation in-between  Scorpio  and  Sagittarius that once was in previous weeks in the constellation Libra..

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