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A few nights ago on 9th July 201 it was ninety nine percent waxing gibbous it was bound to rain that night with incoming traditional New Zealand winter … just before the week’s oncoming of another round of polar blast that’s hitting New Zealand soon in the upcoming week… view of that is the moon going towards the full moon in which details of the moon Luna get wash out by the intensity of the light as the Earth Shadow  that causes her unveil terminator herself in showing her silk satin cratered lacy wedding dress in showing the deeps of that Luna surface craters embroidery work that showing in through the clouds in which sometimes looking at the full moon or becoming through a thin layering does lower the light intensity of viewing in which some can view when it bright and full, some can’t in which thin layers of clouds helps to reduce the seen light in viewing the full moon even without any moon filters or with a smaller aperture cap on the telescope..

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