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West Kowloon district where new developments construction under way, among them is the the MTR Express rail Link – West Kowloon Station which will give a 48 minutes XRL extreme high velocity train ride from Hong Kong towards Guangzhou.. in the background is the ICC -International Commerce Centre 484 meters tall……. Photographer @KevinJamesNg


As one of many the largest anticipate projects in Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, is the finalization construction of the Express Rail link between Hong Kong toward travelling into mainland in a very cost effective time…  in which is targeted to be readily to officially operational competition on the third quarter of 2018  by the MTR corporation….

In linking the Hong Kong – Shenzhen – Guangzhou Express Rail Link in decreasing travelling time between those three key Cantonese Province cities in least than 48 minutes traveling time as TVB Actress Jacqueline Wong and Mr Simon Tang- General Manager – Express Rail Link, as they both introduce the series of as it currently at ninety percent completion at a West Kowloon station Entrance Building….. As inside the building there are nine mega columns that are connecting to V-Trusses that are 175 meter long… Among the construction there are four thousand glazing panels installed at the station building entrance … in which all of the main construction of the project is completed as the track laying are complete…. As the final part of the project is a spacious green plaza environment..   Catering for the XRL- high velocity trains towards from Hong Kong towards Guangzhou nonstop in 48 minutes otherwise in the older days it’ll take least than a few hours ….  The trains are built with international safety in mind with extreme luxury focusing on comfort for the journey…..

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