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Today it’s been a raining out day today on the 6th July 2017…. In which today is also the launch of the Space X intelsat 35e from that Iconic NASA –KSC launch pad Launch complex 39A….., Today in which there were lot thunderstorms with an on mass of rain for the week. However a few nights ago it was a clear night sky… in which the moon is heading towards the full moon in which the moon was in the constellation of the Libra… Currently the moon is at that moment is at first quarter… In which Luna unveils her Terminator lacy veil in revealing more of her lacy white wedding cratered grayish dress…..

As you can see as she terminator unveils can see the cratered contours along the terminator edge also the circumference of the moon in which it isn’t quite smooth, it’s quite contoured along the edge… among that you can see more of the Mare’s or the seas of the moon, in which is clear silk sharper looking at the moon during winter time in where summery time its more satin ….

Among where Tycho Crater is, you can see how shadowy deep depths of those craters Is where you can fit a multitude of cites in one crater and they’ll still can be filled with smaller suburbs in either extreme hot daylight or extreme cold darkness…

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