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On that  weekend Sunday – 21st May 2017 In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong-  Cathy Pacific  did something special for the communities of Hong Kong in which provided one hundred Hong Kong Children among with their families to fly for the very first time… as First time flyers with special passports issued to celebrate the event of flying over Hong Kong over a ninety minute flight …in which opening the ceremony of the flight is Mr Paul Chan the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong –SAR also Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Officer Rupert Hogg to greet the 230 passengers onboard the special flight of CX- 8795

The ninety minute flight CX-8795, a Boeing 777-300 aircraft among with more than sixty Cathy Pacific Volunteers, that including the Cockpit, cabin crew whom was there as Cathy Pacific Flight Ambassadors in provisions of assistances of sharing their experiences in the Aviation industry and the passion in aviation flight to the onboard families..

Also this is milestone for one its Cathay Pacific Senior Captain’s, Captain Hank Cheng whom completed a milestone of around the world in his home built aircraft… in which during the preparation for the flight is that Inspirations in which inspiring those children also their families also the whom on board was sending the message on the twentieth Anniversary celebration of Hong Kong as a Special Administrative region on which inspiring strength through togetherness, progressiveness, also opportunities also creating nurturing,  mentoringship,  for the children onboard in which to overcome various strive for various challenges in their lives and the countless journeys  of how they overcome it progressively in following their dreams to goals … in which those was onboard was selected onboard through a writing competition that was done through Hong Kong Council of Social Services..  

The flight was made possible through the support extended by various government departments and other organisations, including the Transport and Housing Bureau, the Home Affairs Bureau, the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, Airport Authority Hong Kong, the Immigration Department, Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department, the Hong Kong Police Force and Aviation Security Company Limited.

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