Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

As last night on a very cold chill crispy silky night of 29th June 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand it was frosty cold night showing crowds the three most key items of the last nights sky The Summery Autumn Planet Jupiter with it four large Galilean Moons Io Europa, Castillo, also Ganymede in the Bodice of the Constellation Virgo the Virgin.  In which right next to the direction of the East rising is the Constellation Scorpio …

As the last night the moon progressive into the forty percent Waxing Gibbous progresses throughout the week, you can see more of the lacy crater terminator veil unveiling unrobes in revealing more shadowy depth in revealing more of the layers of history of Luna landscape geography… Winter, the winter season is one of the best season in which to get crispy sharper silkier images of the starry night sky where light is more frozeningly still. In which for the Summery season in which the images are satin softer as there are warmer humidity during the warm summery nights where light is slighter blurred……

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