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Before settings out onwards to the Fortaleza do Monte also Senado square… there was one place that was outside the central older neighborhooding sections of Macau square there was one site of interest it’s The Kun Lam Tong-Ecumenical Center in which sits off at 1101 Avenida de Sun Yat-sen In which is located off land on artificial island interconnecting with a sixty meter long causeway bridge… in which the bronze 32 meters tall Kun Lam Tong- Goddess of Mercy statute is only not facing the sea, or harbour.. In which is facing the shoreline.. In which facing the ocean will bring good luck to sailors whom traveling onwards to sea…

Arriving in the morning before setting outwards to the Senado Square walking up to in before lunch is the towards the Causeway  bridge that’s leading up towards the Ecumenical Center, in which the center serves as an educational center with a library also a moderate size convention center to house events in which of various cultures in accumulating them together..

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The Buddhist, Taoist Chinese Painting works inspired me, in how to see the many layers of different tones of painting drawn out with each every layer of brushwork brings out a story within the whole storyline.. As the different tones of colours bring life out from those painted stories on like on textures that helps to date it back on the many Buddhist cave Grottoes that can be found among the Old Silk roads in which during those time many Buddhist cave Grottoes are detailed illustrated with gorgeous carvings with paintings.. in which you could see the various elements of Buddhism and Taoism fusion together in merging many philosophies together..

A gorgeous fine late morning that radiant the – Kun Lam Tong- Temple of the Goddess of Mercy of it’s fifty bronze panels…

The Ecumenical Center, is innovated modern… in which the base of the structure is designed with a white lotus petal inspirational hall in which people can rest while rest within the round hexagon setting arrangement like in the Taoist nature … while observing the illustrations within the round ceiling walls.. With Buddhist also with Taoist inscriptions collections of art works with focusing on Buddha, Lao Tse, and Confucius…   the round walls within the Ecumenical Center walls are designed with harmony as with the them Taoist white black Ying Yang apporachment, in which the focuses on the Eight Trigram seating while observing the “Thought from both from the Occident and the Orient”….

Among the galleries inside the – Kun Lam Tong- Ecumenical Center in which marveling at the construction work on the inside also the outside with the fifty bronze casting paneling that makes up the structure like how the big Buddha is constructed at Lantau island.. The views of its surroundings of Macau Tapa island shore land with impressive adjacent bridge engineering of in between Governddor Norbre de Carvaho Bridge also it other in parallel of Pte, da Amizade in which viewing from the causeway  bridge..

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