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On a very frosty Autumn wintery  Auckland, New Zealand night sky in which, outside temperature  dropped below ten degrees Celsius that night …. As New Zealand braces for an extremely cold wintery snowy season than of last…. In view of the Moon in which slowly progressively risen latterly as progress through the weeks has it she headed toward the full moon waxing gibbously which showing the unveiling of her terminator…

As she unveiling of her terminator veil she reveals stories of the 玉兔 Jade Rabbit in which famously visited by the NASA Apollo Astronauts from Apollo eleven onwards to seventeenth minus thirteenth though.. as most of the mission cluster landed on the head of the Jade Rabbit –Tranquility- then the last on one of it pairs of ears Serenity ….   From Luna Module Eagle has landed toward Enterprise…

Also among the terminator unveiling as Luna nears the Full moon, you can see the region where Tycho Crater is in the region you see a modest impact that made rippling cratered impressions..  Around the region where she is partial terminatically unveiling she shows the outline of her wedding dress in which you cratered indentation along the silhouette circumference of the moon as you can see how in-depth the craters is..

In which the玉兔 Jade Rabbit dates back towards the Warring states period least 400 BC, whom that constant manufactures herbs, pills for immortals… As for the玉少女 Jade Maiden that accompany the Jade Rabbit that another story to tell……….

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