Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

As Wintery season is about to come, or Winter is coming…. In which one ways of finding that the winter season presenting itself is the wintery Constellation Scorpio raising earlier in the night sky, in which with that in mind its opposition of the summery constellation Orion as it settles earlier in the evening only showing Canis Major- the Dog constellation showing briefly   in following the sunset with the hunter…

As the Wintery Constellation Scorpio, rises so it’s wintery planet Saturn… In which if you look closely with a larger mirror, you’ll with a moderately modest magnification… You can see the atmospheric layering… Also it’s iconic Cassini ring divisions. In which the tones, contrast of metallic rustic colours of the rings in which are consistent of rocks and ice in which gives those rings a rustic metallic earth brown tones …..  As looking into the wintery crystal night of Auckland, it does gather very cold quickly. Fashionable layered clothing also wearing pantyhose to keep the legs warm is a must even for guys with a strong woolen beanie to keep your head warm that’s also importantly warm….

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