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After a recently delude of rain in the recents week in Auckland, New Zealand… May 2017, as the weeks progressively weather wise clearing for the remainingly teasing blankets of rain clouds seductively in revealing crystal wintery night skies… in which the Planet Jupiter with its four main Galilean Moons  Io, Europa, Castillo, Ganymede was in its progressive orbiting view as it skew one side from Occultation to transiting around it parent planet. Viewing that Autumn Wintery cold night, I could see Jupiter’s iconic signature Giant Red three Earth’s width spot, moved from the last time I’ve viewed it, as it was recently last in the center view, then now it’s on almost at the circumference rim of the Planet looking at least averagely eight hundred million kilometers also  forty Minutes ago back in time from the Planet Earth the third planet from the nearest star, the Sun… in the Solar -Sol System …….

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