#iPhonePhotography | 月亮新月 Luna Crescent – a small collection- looking at the #moon Luna’s lace cratered embroidery dress..

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Over the last few months there have been some interesting moments of when the moon Luna have gone through a progression towards the new moon, that progression is the Waning Gibbous of the Moon… in which viewing the moon Luna is different compare to the last nights, telling a different story of herself has she unveils her lace textured terminator in revealing interesting explored also unexplored stories that she tells….  Few stories she tells is the 玉兔 – Jade rabbit, then slowly moving towards the 玉女-  Jade Maiden as its story famously for the first landing on the moon on the sea of Tranquility of the Apollo eleven in 20th July 1969- , also its last in which in Sea of Serenity… looking at the crescent moon you look at the interesting features in which you’ll see the shadow outlines of the crater’s shadow casting on itself in which those shadows can encompass whole cities..

#iPhonePhotography | 月亮新月 Luna Crescent – a small collection- far and closer of the moon Luna’s lace cratered embroidery dress- 

Photographer @KevinJamesNg

– Photography using an iPhone six-


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