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During this week of May, it’s wintery season becoming in which the Saturn is seen rising behind following the Wintery Constellation Scorpio, indicating that’s Winters coming, during this month’s event it the Deep Space Probe Cassini flown towards inside the Cassini division within the rings..

As you look closer filmed using an iPhone six with a 30 inch telescope named Edith at Auckland.. you can see the defined divisions of rings in where one newly discovered moon lies on the edge of the rings.. Among with its larger Galilean Moons Titian, Hyperion…  with a wide view lens but with a narrow view lens you’ll only see the Planet itself with some off its moons transiting in front with its own eclipses  also Occultation going behind the planet……

Done freehand with an iPhone Six with a 30 inch tracking Carl Zeiss- Schmidt Cassegrain telescope named Edith…

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