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Orthough I’ve been on the Victoria peak tram many countless times, each ride is never the same, never the same experience as each trip upwards towards the mountain to Victoria Peak is always a different story, as the different evolving stories unfolds as the passengers whom ride them.. Within each passenger telling their own stories as also unfold before them as they arrive at the summit…

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Going back there, in which the skyline has changed with more evolving buildings in the previously Jardine building (178 meters) was the tallest in the Hong Kong Skyline the tall rectangular building with the iconic round things windows.. now it’s the two iconic buildings one seen over west Kowloon with the ICC Building ( 484 meters tall) in Tsim Sha Tsui, also closer by adjacent to the Peak is the IFC building ( 412 Meters tall) that’s dominate over the skyline among with the HSBC- Hong Kong Shanghai Bank  also the bank of China.. With ever more tall mountainous apartment, commercial buildings that planted among the skyline, like a Chinese towering mountain tops with illustrated trees……

Re-Finding the location in where to take the peak tram upwards from the where the lower Terminus is situated at Garden Road in the location of St, John Building  in Central in where to find the place is  well located with The Peak Tram- 太平山”  foundation in which the place also the place where Belgium Consulate is..

the location of the Victoria Peak Tram Terminus..

In order to get there, it’s best to get there early or later just in case of incoming influx of afternoon crowds or evening coming at peak times… but getting there by various transport means is located here with the buses routes, Taxis, or the Just a nice stroll from Central’s MTR..  Or given that you have your own transportation like a car, Barker road driving to the summit…. However for me it was transiting from the Star Ferry and then walking bring back adventuring memories towards to the Terminus in which… walking there was my best option as reconnecting with the constant redeveloping streets, as walking towards, from the HSBC- Hong Kong Shanghai Bank towards the street over pass corridors that pasts through towards the China Bank, from its art Deco to its new building in which was featured in Star Trek as Hong Kong was a Major Subspace commutations hub network also a co share Starfleet Command Base of operations..


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