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Recently filmed few days ago – unedited…  The Moon, Earth’s natural, organic Satellite noticing … when I look towards the moon as it phases from her terminator lacy earth shadow veil to reveal of herself of the Luna Landscape as it reveals off more of the mares-seas , with the cratered areas.. Like a heavy white inter- lacy woven layering bodice top with a two tone white grey painted silk maxi skirt dress with printed mares-seas that tells untold stories within her delicate tapestry embroidery of her wedding dress.

As the terminator robe line recedes, to reveal of more the surface layers you could see progressively of the Mares- seas as slowly reveals the Printed mare image  of  玉兔- Jade Rabbit with its two ears showing with the sea of Serenity that once was the final landing site of the Apollo mission- Apollo 17 on 19 December 1972….. As the head of the Jade Rabbit it the sea of Tranquilly…..The first iconic landing spot of humanity landing on the moon with the two representatives Astronaut Buzz Aldrin also the late Neil Armstrong.. With Lunar Lander module – “The Eagle- has landed”… featuring more as the cratering shadows casting within itself..

Done freehand with iPhone Six with a non tracking – ten inch mirror Meade LX200 -Schmidt Cassegrain telescope

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