#iPhonePhotography April 2017 | 木星- The 30 second planet Jupiter with that iconic red stormy eye….

Filmed during a remarkable opening window of a very stormy night in the making in which the clouds nomadic blanketing the night skies… Then comes an opening during the early evening before later in the night becomes a very much traditional Auckland’s cloudy night sky in to the night..

Using the thirty inch mirror – Cassegrain telescope nickname “Edith” after its Donor Edith Winstone Blackwell at Auckland Observatory- Stardome... with my friend in showing to the Planet Jupiter while there’s an opening window in between clouds on that night telling a family Jupiter ‘stories, .. in which there’s it is the iconic more than 100,000 year old  three Earth width stormy red eye that’s located in the tropics of the hundreds thousands of layered on-going hurricane storms that everlasting looking at the still while Planet Jupiter starts to recedes to be the closest towards this Planet Earth. In view….

Filmed with an iPhone six freehand without any brackets adapter mounting, at 1920 by 1080 unedited…

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