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Just recently this month of early April 2017, during the first week April 2017 on about the seventh of April 2017 in the constellation Virgo, it’s been the very closest to Jupiter, during this month being very fortunate to record its closest… With its four Galilean Moons Io, Europa, Ganymede Callisto … in which from Auckland, New Zealand, the largest planet in the solar system, the gaseous planet Jupiter can been seen during the Summery and Autumn season as it rises early now as it transition towards making way for the winter night sky in which the Second largest Planet Saturn makes way transition with winter constellation Scorpio for winter.. in that fortunate I was able to capture its view during the night.. as each nights view is unique, it’s unreplicable….

As it rises from the East toward the west in the southern hemisphere, Given that you have a larger tracking or non-tracking mirror telescope among with a good set of lens to help you to magnify the image you can see the planets moons, in which you can see the define details of the layered iconic weathering stripes from the southern to its northern pole in different Neapolitan colours indicating many different layers with that in mind you’ll catch a glimpse of the giant three Earth width red spot in among the tropical equator of the planet that rotating around the planet in which its pretty nomadic depending on its period  duration that you’ll going to see it..

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