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The big guy- The big Buddha..

There was once a scene featured in the Movie Battleship in where, it features a massive Buddha, on top of the peak of the mountain… also it was featured in the Amazing Race as the in which that mountain is which Lantau Island at Ngong Ping 360.  In where teams arriving at night were to travel there either using various methods of Hong Kong transport to get there to reach to their way points for the next clue in going in performing for the next pit stop..

The big guy, the Big Buddha… Tian Tan Buddha, Shakyammuni, is that particular big Buddha in which was the pit shop for the Amazing race.. in which the big guy constructed out from Bronze started from 1990, completed in 1993, 29th December, standing at a 34 meters tall built, built in a traditional design of bronze out from 202 bronze parts, in which the steel superstructure holds the numerous of parts  together..

Getting there from the cable car, in adjacent to Po Lin Monastery, closely, on an early afternoon on a fine sunny mildly cloudy misty day… getting there, walking there, I can feel its history has it unfolds before me, as the construction of the area speaks it all, as the location is fairly recently constructed in with the inspirational Ming Dynasty architectural designs as you can see from design elements from the Forbidden City in Beijing as an example in which is translated into the designs, as those design elements are translated into the Po Lin Monastery with the resembling maroon red painted walls, with the golden jade yellow roof tiles.. ..  With that in mind the location of the monastery has a very deep history orthough it been constructed at 1906 since last century within the last moments of the Qing Dynasty by three visiting monks from Jiangsu Province..

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The Big Buddha Constructed in back in the late last century, or the turn of last decade of the 20th century, in 1990, in which took a three year construction process out of 202 bronze casted pieces joined up together in within a giant 34 meter tall construction internal steel frame within, like metallically paper Mache pieces that joined up together as it face north wise like the Altar of heaven in Beijing.

Walking up there, for most people is pilgrimage of sorts, some visited because it’s there, in most cases it’s a Pilgrimage for most as on the day of my visit there was numerous people worshiping in front of the southern door in which remains to be closed, internally as you walked in noticing there’s no photography or videoing allowed due to internally it’s an memorial site for those whom are associated with the monastery, or whom wish to have their final ashes rest place en tomb there.. Among with the hundreds others whom are there also around the circumference halls of the memorial section of the Big Buddha Enclosure, in which surrounding that enclosure is a central figure Buddha or the person – Gautama Buddha in life size wooden carve out from one piece, in which the Monastery has been highly regarded known to great source of wood carving sculptures.  As I was walking around the placement is the other steps that leading upstairs, the upper level ring in where you have to pay an extra for an extra level of view..

those pilgrimage 268 steeps..

Among the thousands of people, that walk up the marble stairways, 268 steps, in which among walking up those white grayish steps, is with the three layering marble like platforms that represent the Taoist of that Chinese number three meaning underworld,  Earth, and Heaven akin to the Altar of heaven in Beijing …  among the other ring circumference is the six Devas in which place different various offerings in various forms containing various messages within those offerings in form of incense, lamp, ointment, fruit, with music within those offerings containing messages symbolically six perfections Generosity, Morality, patience, Zeal and wisdom  of .. As the Tian Tan Buddha, Shakyammuni raise one hand in removal of affliction the other is the offering of generosity… As he sits apond a massive lotus leaves over watching with breath taking views of Lantau Island in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong……


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