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國泰航空  | 香港

As the building up from another event in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, with the Art Central event that’s launching that’ opening in Hong Kong Central Harbour Front from 21st to 25 March 2017.. Is the Awaited Iconic Rugby World Sevens played in Hong Kong in an action pact of fun in between 7th to 9th April 2017..

As the leading up towards the Rugby Hong Kong world sevens, Cathy Pacific | HSBC –Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation as the Official Airliner, Sponsor on par with it competing advertising with Air New Zealand’s, Takes you to every location of Hong Kong as featuring in Lara Croft parkour action  around with the many faces of the Hong Kong people,  the many featuring historically to modern streets also neighbourhoods as two guys parkouring around kicking the Rugby Ball as it is presented to them with two elegant Cathy Pacific’s Chinese Air Stewardess in with the Airliner’s hallmark oriental red skirt and suiting uniform..  Presenting and kicking of the event, presenting the Rugby ball in early sunny morning as the two Parkouring ,  walk through the neighbouring SOHO Hong Kong streets of the LKF- Lan Kwai Fong, in turn featuring the iconic Tram lines neighbourhoods that it runs through, Jumping from building to buildings from featuring parks like towards Central with the IFC building in the background , as they meet the neighbourhoods partaking the events in street break dancing on the traffic road pavements of  iconic neonic streets signs neighbourhoods of Nathan Road in Kowloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui..

As the events continues Seven Rugby icons, Christian Cullen and David Campese, Christopher Bradley, Jason Siu Shinn Kawasaki, Kwan Wing Tai are featured in the action packed Parkouring in which you can meet and greet during the seven’s events..

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