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As “Hong Kong Arts festival- Art Central” waiting on between 21st to 25th March 2017. The event located in the Hong Kong Island, in Central Harbour Front, in the location nearby the IFC Building, nearby located in Hong Kong Observation Wheel. As the” Art Central” takes shape with the installation of the Massive tent that awaits them…

As Hong Kong Art Central Tent takes shape, there’s another installation that’s recently installed in “Pacific Place” in which an innovative social media German artist Julius Popp, a German media artist… the Art installation is constructed out from the cargo shipping containers, as BIT.FALL Installation is constructed inside the Pacific Place’s lobby, using various technologies, also industrial materials. One of the many messages is to create an awareness of Art, in which people whom haven’t had the time in visiting an art galleries in their local neighbour, the other message is to create awareness of the social news events that being displayed digitally translated into a curtain of a digitally trending words in a waterfall as illustrates various layers, types, media of information travel rapidly in today’s world that rectory to humanities surrounding through  the concept of  installation of Art in Chinese and English digitally worded….

The BIT.FALL – Julius Popp is held in between 13th March – 6th April 2017 in Pacific Place at 88 Queensway, Hong Kong., located above Admiralty MTR Station. The BIT.FALL – Julius Popp installation co-exist with the Hong Kong Art Central events, the installation is in collaboration with Julius Popp, CHOI&LAGER Gallery Pacific Place-Swire Properties Art Month

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