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Currently running at the “Hong Kong Museum of History” is the “Toy Expo Exhibition” in which it runs through from the second of March towards the fifteenth of April 2017, in which Special Exhibiting among many events of the 20th year Anniversary of the Hong Kong as a Special Administrative Region…. Also the exhibition celebrates Hong Kong is the second largest Toy also electronic Toys Global leader Manufacturer- Exporter….. Featuring almost more than two thousand toys, from various social demographically nostalgic landscapes each explaining that type of period of eras also on many layers of genres from the classics to the modern electronics contemporaries….

The English version of this above clip of the Hong Kong Museum of History -Legend of  Hong Kong Toys is located here…..

The Exhibition show cases, with the Museum’s lobby externally, also internally being transformed in with the footsteps of locally made “Star Wars one hundred Stormtroopers” all lined up, in waiting for the guest to arrive for some curious inspections at the Museum entrances..  As one outdoor area is transformed into with grassy landscape with one thousand various types and sizes of rubber Ducks … among the exhibition ….

Among the Exhibition is shows how Hong Kong is industrially build itself as a global industrial leader on becoming a majority toy manufacturer from local industrialist in holding several of lectures, talks also workshops that’s connected with the exhibition theme and genre also a fun day….   The Exhibition was officially opened by The Hong Kong Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So on that Day… Also the as part of the event there’s a limited editions souvenirs that will be presented t the public on a first serve basis…

However there is a administration fee to the exhibit in which is standard HKD $10- NZD$2.. Per person. Students, senior citizens also disabilities is HKD$5- NZD$1.00 ……   located in East Tsim Sha Tsui in between the surrounding roads  of  Chatham road south Cheong Wah Road, Science Museum Road and Granville Road..


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