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Don’t’ move I’m a Hong Kong Police officer.. Wait you’re Cheung Po Tsai..?!… Also I really need to go back to 2015 Hong Kong.. !!!! ” Hong Kong Police Constable Wong Tai Mui- Grace Chan…


As Hong Kong Police Constable Wong Tai Mui- Grace Chan was investigating into a lead clue into a Cave in which turned out to be a cave, Treasure Cave of the South China Pirate King Cheung Po Tsai, Whom owned patrolled the South China Seas for any loot that he could find among from Qing Dynasty naval, British, Spanish, ships.. Among that scene Wong Tai Mui found a gold bullion coin, within the cave as she searched for any clues in relating to the Bandit king, as she mysteriously stumbles apond it…

Cheung Po Tsai Cave as I walked up the forestry pathway that’s leading it up to which is a good twenty minute striding walk through some under past of trees, with vines.. In which being on a watch full eye of any snakes in lurking along the tree branches in which, as the journey begin toward his cave it’s best to prepare for the journey.. One a very strong torch comes to mine… In which the journey starts with a Qing Dynasty inspired gateway explaining the entrance towards the Cave….  In walking up, the surrounding forest leading up towards the cave, in which you can feel you’re back in 1790 Hong Kong, or in 1790 Cheung Chau island as with the all that history, as you can hear through the wind that carrying the air into the bushes.. Like hearing the wind carrying pushing the sails of the sailing ships of Cheung Po Tsai fleet as it prepares to set out for the long haul traveling awaits them in meeting up with Qing Dynasty Navy in an interesting manner of exchanging requisitions…

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As walking up, looking admiring the surroundings, walking alongside the track, there are some interesting items along the way first is the abandon look out post looking out into the harbour, in which is surrounded by an overgrowth of bushes.. In which looking at it seeming it dates back towards the circa 1930 to 1940’s’s in which looking at seeming the period of architecture in which back then it from that vantage point it must had some impressive views back then as time forwards on another viewing platform is establish higher leading inwards towards the Cheung Po Tsai’s Cave.. In which its views from the three level towers encompassing the whole hill throughout towering trees…  However the older platform requires much need tender love and attention as its view is rummage with overgrowth of bushes hindering its view also its walls is unfortunate of tagging or Graffiti something that’s rarely seen in Hong Kong..

As walking towards the cave, there are, some intriguing, things there’s this interesting stone work wall, seeming abandoned as padlock gated steel frame rusty door, is padlock with Chinese Traditional padlock also Chinese stonework’s… Judging from it its remains untouched for many several decades, seeming decades ago, like from the 1930’s judging from its pre-world war two design…

As I walked up, hill there’s this green signage describing the history briefly of the Cheung Po Tsai’s Cave. Also realizing that I’m standing on same filming spot in where Grace Chan stood on as she begins to investigate into what’s the Bandit King really up to this time… from that point the trek goes into further more into a five minutes’ walk, until I’ve reached towards the entrance of the cave..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | Cheung Chau- Cheung Po Tsai Cave – Treasure cave...... Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | Cheung Chau- Cheung Po Tsai Cave – Treasure cave…… Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016

Having reaching towards the Cave it seems unlike the Television series version of it in which is larger than the inside in which saying that having TARDIS moments… you may wonder there’s a small shop outside of the cave in which sell an assortment of things, in that assortment is torches in which I’ve mention earlier in making sure having a very good strong torch that illuminates, even illuminates daylight.. Sizes wise the cave is small and narrow in which to fit luckily to for me my dress size is in between eight and ten, in which is a good thing..

Having the correct dress size in going into the narrow cave, in I lower myself down into a very darken cavern, stepping downwards into an almost lit downwards spotlighting in the cave in which gives you amount of time to get my torch in well lighting up the cave neatly.. as before I entered there was a memorable moment when I found a father with his two children, telling the stories of the cave also its owner Cheung Po Tsai.  As I continue like Wong Tai Mui-Grace Chan exploring the cave, within it, seeing it first-hand it was sort of disappointing at first, due to the moderate amount of litter that was present in the cave, exploring it for a good seven or more meters down the tunnel in which lead to another opening..   as exploring around the tunnel Cheung Po Tsai treasure Haul must have been a modest size in nature, but given the surrounding stories of his treasure it could been in another place on the same hill, saved like an insurance policy for just in case, or seeming he taken it with him in Peking when got offered the Qing Dynasty Government Naval Marshall’s position in protecting his and their interest at the same time..


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