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As already the Newest Hong Kong awaited MTR southern line opened, also began operation on 28th December 2016, in Already tomorrow in Hong Kong… in reducing the time required to travel within the CityBus Double Decker route 629 in which runs between Admiralty to Ocean park in which takes in between thirty minutes journey ride.. Now with the new southern line with the three carriage system than the seven on which the journey time has been reduced down to least five minutes along with the line……

Along, throughout the MTR Hong Kong network there have been gorgeously inspired community art projects displayed internal, externally the Subway networks stations… in which is made by the local community to illustrates the local life of the communities through art.. … As you journey towards the view is pretty awesome with the scenery, in which the terminals are also decorative with art form the local communities in portraying local life of the community.. As to this Art is very promenade came from local art workshops in co-operation with the MTR partnership   and Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation in which gather local secondary schools in creating the local feel of the neighbourhood… As part of the Hong Kong MTR Southern line, it’s themed with Animals, in created by a local artist Vivian Ho as her work is theme with various animal themed on various animals in Ocean Park in which the Southern line is connected too also with souvenir tickets can be founded with other connected lines with Ocean Park, Wong Chuck Hang, South Horizons, Lei Tung,..  her  works hopefully inspired, enlighten  during their day, night the passengers whom are taking the southern line looking at mobile Art Gallery inside the three carriages, will be pulled away from their electronic devices to appreciate the art gallery that they’re traveling in ….

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