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As Chinese New Year sets to ring in on 28th January 2017, in which it sits on a weekend on Saturday… in which Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, celebrations of a 23 minutes fireworks spectacular explosive fireworks display on Hong Kong Victoria Harbour… in which sits on the second day on fifteen day holidays celebrations to bring in the year of the Roster… in which will start on that second day on 29th January 2017.. In which the initial countdown will occur on strike on 2000 hours in Hong Kong Time- eight O’clock in the night lighting up Victoria Harbour…

The Event also marks the Twentieth year Anniversary of Hong Kong being SAR- Special administrative Region, Autonomous from Mainland PROC China… from transitioning British colonial rule back to China in 1997… in which the first eight fireworks segments illustrating the anniversary pattern numbers “20” towards the lucky, prosperity double number eight..  Towards various patterns, like the various hearts, smiling faces among with explosive jellyfishes patterns… from three batteries barges with the excessive of 23,888 pyrotechnics shells.. co-ordinating the operations of celebrations is the” Hong Kong Government Home Affairs Bureau”.. also there’s no doubt there be live streams of the events like from Discover Hong Kong how they did with bringing the 2017 New Year’s celebrations or from various live streaming sources from various platform like from a team  live streaming scopers from @scopeteamhk – #scopeteamHk..

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