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There’s an interesting place also one of my many traditional favorites is “Hong Kong Space Museum” is situated very nearby the Hong Kong Cultural Center in which jointed together in Tsim Sha Tsui.. as visiting Ocean Park fourth time also this is technical fourth, but I did Periscope, also live streaming on another platform the lobby also it’s exhibits of what was available for a while the surrounding parts was undergoing through a massive exhibits refurbishment multimillion dollar renovations at the time I was there on 23rd September 2016, until now it is still undergoing through the extensive renovations with more than one hundred sets of exhibitions underway ….

Situated on 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, in which is very easy to get access to via Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station or from Central from the IFC- international Finance Center, or via Star Ferry… Hong Kong Space museum sits, just next door to the Hong Kong Cultural center but with amazing timeless spectacular views of Hong Kong Island… also sitting on Victoria Harbour also adjacent in front of the Hong Kong Museum of Art which also closed for renovations also… at that time late September 2016, outside the Space Museum it was still displaying lanterns from the Mid-Autumn festival with various astronomy themes… Opened on eighth of October 1980 after three year construction from 1977, in which was to house its Planetarium systems in which was previously the Carl Zeiss equipment, but latterly in 2008 renovating the museum decide to go on full on digital for a 8K digital 3D Planetarium systems also systematic upgrades at will whenever it need to be there up as a fashion trendsetter.. The planetarium comes with various languages broadcasting in with headsets provide.. As some content It provides to the audiences programmes are live with a presenter or presenters, or content brought driven..

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The Hong Kong Space museum is iconic by default of design in which it has a semi -circular dome shape design in which has adjacently with two wings building in which house its with extensively massive exhibits in which houses massive halls in which catering Hall of Astronomy, massive Auditorium, shops offices, also the building is structurally design flow with the Hong Kong Cultural Center innovative revolutionary architecture.

There are three parts of the Hong Kong Space Museum, one is in main center placement, and the second is the remote interactive observatory in Sai Kung the Hong Kong Space Museum Sai Kung iObservatory,   in which situated in the Lady MacLeHose Holiday Village in which house 60 cm mirror Cassegrain mirror enclosing Six meter dome facility in which opened on 2008 in which the third is the Astropark in with a Dark skies park in mind within a mountainous side of Hong Kong, located area wise of Chong Hing Water Sports Center, west sea Cofferdam High Island Reservoir in Sai Kung.. in which the facilitates from beginners to senior level of Astronomy with 1,200 Square meters of park space featuring replicates of ancient Chinese astronomy equipment, also the park caters towards which benches an telescope piers in which you can mount your own telescope in the park..

As I examine, the lobby area, there was a lecturing was underway, as I just missed watching it, as one of the talks within the auditorium was underway it was discussing one of the Shaw Prize topics in Astronomy… The Hong Kong Space Museum shop is well stocked, extensively also very scientifically relative that to Auckland Observatory, in which the Complete Hong Kong Space Museum is least thirty to forty times larger than to Auckland  Observatory….  Walking upstairs only to find the that the Stanley Ho Space Theater was in session as its next showing was later in 2.40 PM in the Afternoon… if you don’t realize whom is Stanley Ho is…?, Well he’s one of many Macau’s Casino Billionaires…..

As I walk down back towards the lobby, so I decidedly to scope the place but only what’s been only available, the panel of information of the shows, also describing what was available on the display boards it was a quick scope unlike the other previous scopes that I’ve traditional do… next time round coming back would examine the place closer as the next time the place will have its extensive exhibits also one of the exhibits features a full scale detail mock-up of the space shuttle cockpit section with the mid-deck, as from the last time it was pretty awesome also ..

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