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Ocean Park sits in the Southern District of Hong Kong, in the areas of Wong Chuk Hang, also Nam Long Shan, it was first open on 10th January 1977, in which features many attraction thematic rides with its main attraction as an almost Zoo as Oceanarium, featuring marine, animals….   Ocean Park was once the localisation home-grown version of Disneyland, before Hong Kong Disneyland was built on Lantau Island in which was open on 2005……

Opening on the 28th December 2016 which is now or yesterday, That There’s a new feature that’s been connecting towards the attraction in which a new MTR rail network system in which saves a thirty to forty minute double Decker bus ride from either Central or Admiralty to Ocean Park within four minutes…in which is very adjacent to Ocean Park, in which on it’s very door step making it very accessible to the park also the local neighbourhood community also..

Ocean Park has been the traditional favorite, also pastime, going back there seemingly is like the place has changed quite a lot, with its new attractions, and it’s retrofitting with the new competition with down the road on Lantau Island….  Ocean Park is unique in a way it’s home-grown, its Hong Kong something that you can’t replicate like the infamous Milk Coffee or Tea which fashion in Hong Kong then it started from trending…

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At that time when I was at that late September,  Ocean Park’s Gondolas was out of order, for the rest of the day in required for it’ unexpected repairs till it was till later in the later in afternoon till it was operational.. So the only way up is the aqua safari steampunk tram up the mountain was the only way up also the way down from Ocean Express to Thrill Mountain where the connection point in getting up the mountain… the Ocean Express was interesting with its oceanic volcanic theme with adventuring  H.G. Wells captain Nemo adventures in mind.. During that time Ocean Park was on a build-up on heading for Halloween in with the upcoming film for the reboot version of Ghostbusters at that time with all sorts of Halloween festivities…

As exploring around the Park, the Amusement rides, forgoing the roll coaster, knowing previously what happen the last time I that I leave till later onwards… Exploring around, finding the parks enclosure starting with penguins, then onwards with the lion seals enclosure as the with the penguins they were extra cute and adorable, in which has you move further downwards the park there’s more of the animals enclosure featuring Pandas, also red panda’s as well with in another part of the park featuring different exotic goldfishes in different types of variant species..  With an impressive massive aquariums that will make Auckland’s Kelly Tartons seeming small in comparison on multiple levels… Having walking through various Aquariums, with different on multitude of sea life of sorts… Exploring throughout various caverns from shorelines to shark level depths …. Amazing Asian Animals, Aqua City, Polar Adventures, Rain forest, Thrill Mountain are some of the attractions that I’ve ponder adventured around till later in the afternoon where bounding for Admiralty on a Double Decker, in which the bus stop is just opposite to the Hong Kong Police Academy, in taking the CityBus route 629, in which runs every daily from Admiralty’s MTR station in where your Octopus Card Comes in Handy for the Thirty minute bus ride in which sitting on the top level deck seeing rear seats which remind from a Scene where Ruby and Josh were talking on an intellectual level  about East meet West relationships as they board for Jordan from Tsim Sha Tsui for some street side seafood and shared table manners Josh’s favorite …… in which now  for me was looking at those back seats then looking out the window soaking it in reconnecting with my Home..

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